2023-2024 Fall Registration

Greetings BMCS parents/teachers/students: Boise Modern Chinese School (BMCS) fall semester will start on 08/20/2023. We are going back to in- person instruction this year. Our school’s address is 202 E 42nd St, Garden City, ID 83714 (Anser Charter School). We have leased multiple classrooms and their gym from 2:00pm to 5:00pm on Sundays. Please register […]

2023 Spring Registration

Greetings BMCS parents/teachers/students: Boise Modern Chinese School (BMCS) spring semester will start on 01/08/2023. We’ll continue our online classes this spring. The tuition for spring 2023 is $90 for the Chinese classes (on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm). Dance, Mathcounts and Chess classes (from 4pm to 5pm) are available with additional tuition. Please visit our […]


Dear Parents, Students, and Teachers, As we know, most schools in our state have returned to normal classroom teaching just like before the pandemic. We want to consult our parents, students, and teachers before we make a decision for this Fall. Please help fill the survey below: 大家好, 我们州大部分学校已经回归正常的课堂教学,我想我们做出决定之前先征求一下各位家长,学生和老师的意见。 请大家帮忙填写一下这个问卷:  

2022 Spring Registration

中文学校春季的上课方式继续Zoom教学的方式。新学期注册已经开始,我们今年增加了学前班的课程,只开一个班,请大家尽快报名。 今年开始我们在学校的网页上注册课程。请大家先注册新用户名。如果有注册的问题,可以发信与校长联系。https://boisemcs.org/wp/log-in/ The Chinese School continues the zoom teaching method in the coming spring. Registration for the new semester has begun. We have added a kindergarden this year. Please sign up as soon as possible. Starting this year, we registered classes on the school’s website. Please register your new user name first. If you have […]

Welcome to Boise Modern Chinese School website

Welcome to boisemcs.org, the first ever website for the Boise Modern Chinese School (BMCS). The goal of the website is to provide information about the Chinese language and culture learning opportunities our school provides in the Treasure Valley area. The website also provides services to teachers, parents, and students of BMCS. You can find information […]