Mission statement

The mission of the Boise Modern Chinese School (BMCS) is to provide a positive learning environment and to join parents with the community in assisting students to learn Chinese language and culture. The Boise Modern Chinese School also serves in promoting a language proficient society in the Treasure Valley to meet the need of language skills and international knowledge in the growing diversity of the communities and workplaces.

What we offer

We offer Chinese language lessons from first grade to the AP Chinese level. Currently we have 10 different levels/classes.

Time & location

You can find our school year calendar here. Our typical school hours are from 2PM to 4PM MST, with extracurricular activities taking place from 4PM to 5PM MST.

The BMCS currently leases classrooms from Anser Charter School (202 E 42nd St, Garden City, ID 83714).

Non-Discrimination Statement

Boise Modern Chinese School is a non-profit organization that enrolls and welcomes students of all race, color, nationalities or ethnic origin.

School Administrators and School Board

Principals:  Dazhi Yang, Ph.D; Lifang Xu, Ph.D.

Treasurer:  Yun Tang

Secretary:  Yun Tang

School board members:  Dazhi Yang,  Lifang Xu, Qun Luo,   Yun Tang,  Qi Li, Jianhua Jiang, Ming Li, Nini Ren


If you have any questions about BMCS, please contact us.

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