Chinese Classes

Boise Modern Chinese School enrolls students twice each year, in January and September. We have 6 to 20 students in each class.

The following are current BMCS teachers with their class information.

Teacher Current Class Progress
Jin Zhu (朱谨) Level 1, Volume 1
Xiaona Zhou (周晓娜) Level 1, Volume 2
Yuying Chao (曹玉英) Level 1, Volume 3
Linjing Lv (吕林静) Level 1, Volume 3 (Mid of Book)
Qi Li (李琪) Level 2, Volume 1
Min Wang (王敏) Level 2, Volume 2
Qun Luo (罗群) Level 2, Volume 2
Yan Zhao (赵延) Level 2, Volume 3
Hua Yan (闫华) Level 3, Volume 1
Grace Li (李伟娟) Level 3, Volume 2