Information of First School Day on Jan 21st 2024

Dear all,

We hope your weekend is going well. We have confirmed with Anser Charter that it’s safe to use their facilities tomorrow. We’ll open the door facing 43rd Street at 1:30pm to collect registration forms and tuition checks. Please come to school a little early so that we can start the class on time at 2:00pm. 
Here is the Chinese school’s spring 2024 registration form. <
Please fill in the registration form AND print it out (one student one form). Make your check payable to: BMCS. Staple your registration form with the tuition check and bring them to school tomorrow. 
Please be aware that there will be a late fee of $20 per student if the tuition is not paid after January 21, 2024. Let us know if you have any questions.
For those who are new to the school, please park at the 43rd Street parking lot and enter the school via the gym. The door facing 42 Street is closed and you won’t be able to get in the facility. Please drive safely. 
We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! 
Dazhi Yang, PhD & Lifang Xu, PhD
Principal of Boise Modern Chinese School