Create Chinese Character Practice Writing Sheets



First of all, if you need a blank TianZiGe, simply print this .PDF file:  Blank TianZiGe PDF.



If your child has trouble with pin yin or character stroke orders, this online Chinese character practice writing sheet creator tool can help.

Chinese Character Practice Sheet
Chinese Character Practice Sheet Creator

As you can see, the tool has many options to customize the output, which may make it overwhelming at beginning but it is not that difficult to use. You should start by entering the Chinese characters into the box at the top left corner. A preview image will appear below. Adjust the settings and the preview will update real-time. Once you are satisfied with the output, click on the “Create a PDF” button. The page will try to display the resulting PDF document in a pop-up window. Usually modern browsers will block the pop-up window so nothing may seem to be happening. You can click on the round buttons at the top of the page that says “字帖下载” to find your PDF.

Here is an example PDF created for Level 1, Book 3, and Lesson 10.

Example practice sheet for Level 1, Book 3, Lesson 10.

The Chinese Converter website also has many other useful tools for Chinese learning. It is worth checking out.