Spring 2020 BMCS Registration Information

Boise Modern Chinese School (BMCS) 2020 Spring Semester will officially start on Sunday, January 5th, 2020. Please read the important student registration information below.


Student registration information:

  • Registration: Please fill out the Spring 2020 BMCS Student Registration Form.  You can fill out the form and bring it to the registration along with the payment. If you missed the registration day, please contact Qi Li (李琦) or principal Ming Li during regular Chinese school time.
  • Time: Sunday, January 5th, 2020. Door opens at 1:45 PM. Class starts at 2:00 PM. Returning students should report directly to their previous class while parents complete the registration in the Gym. New students will be given instruction during registration.
  • Location: Anser Charter School located at 202 E 42nd St, Garden City, ID 83714. Please note we are not affiliated with Anser Charter School and are only renting their facility. Please do not contact Anser regarding BMCS.
  • Tuition: $150 for Chinese classes. Discounts are available for multiple students (10% for 2nd student, 15% for 3rd, etc). Teachers receive a discount as well (10% for 1st student, 15% for 2nd, etc). The fees for elective classes are as follows: $60 for Dance, $40 for Chess, $35 for Basketball, and $40 for Mathcounts. There are no other discounts given. Please see the notes in the registration form for details.
  • Current Classes: Available classes are listed below:
Teacher Current Class Progress
Jin Zhu (朱谨) Level 1, Volume 1 (Middle of Book)
Xiaona Zhou (周晓娜) Level 1, Volume 2 (Middle of Book)
Yuying Chao (曹玉英) Level 1, Volume 3 (Middle of Book)
Linjing Lv (吕林静) Level 2, Volume 1 (Start of Book)
Qi Li (李琪) Level 2, Volume 1 (Middle of Book)
Min Wang (王敏) Level 2, Volume 2 (Middle of Book)
Qun Luo (罗群) Level 2, Volume 2
Yan Zhao (赵延) Level 2, Volume 3 (Middle of Book)
Hua Yan (闫华) Level 3, Volume 1 (Middle of Book)
Grace Li (李伟娟) Level 3, Volume 2 (Middle of Book)
  • For New Students: Please bring new students to the school at the time mentioned above to speak with the school principle for student placement. We highly recommend that new students have either gone through formal Chinese training or have at least one parent that can speak and/or understand Chinese. Help at home will most likely be needed.
  • Elective Class Restrictions: Students must register for a Chinese class if they want to register for an elective class.
  • Dance Class Restrictions: Dance classes also are restricted due to limited resources. Students need to be 6 years old or older to register. If your child has not been officially accepted by the teachers, please contact Yimin Huang (yiminhuang3454@gmail.com) or Cindy Deng (Cindy_c_deng@yahoo.com) before registering your child for a Dance Class.
  • Calendar: 2019-2020 Chinese School Calendar.
  • Payment: We only accept checks. It should be made payable to BMCS. Please also note your email address on the check. Only one check is required per registration form.

If you have questions or issues with online registration please contact us.

– Principal of Boise Modern Chinese School