Boise Modern Chinese School Fall 2020 Opening Notice

Hello Students and Parents.

The board of directors of the school has decided to use the Internet to teach all Chinese courses in Fall 2020. Our classes start on August 16th, 2020.


Because of the Pandemic, we only have on-line classes, so our tuition fee is reduced to $80 for each student.

New First Grade Class

We suggest that children over six years old can start to enroll in school, but because we have online classes, parents are invited to help.

Registration Guide

Please note that all first-grade new students and other new students[ including Teacher Yuying Chao’s class (曹玉英)], please direct contact the principal (Will Luo). Our first-grade teacher is Grace Li. Other students should contact your teacher to get your new textbooks, turn in your registration form and payment check)

The registration form link is here

Registration Form

2020-2021 Calendar

Please refer to the link below for our annual calendar.

2020-2021 Calendar


Any questions related to our Elective Classes, please contact GuoHua Wei and Jian Li.

(Chess Class) GuoHua Wei Email:

(Mathcounts) Jian Li’s Email:

Any questions for our Chinese Classes, please contact our teachers or the principal:

Principal’s email address:

Tel: (208) 891-3269


Will Luo