Taiji (or Tai Chi) is a traditional Chinese martial art that was originally practiced for self-defense, but today is primarily loved by millions of people around the world for its health benefits. Unlike many other forms of work out, Taiji is characterized by soft, slow, flowing movements that emphasize training and improving your mental and physical control of the body. It is an excellent way of exercise for almost everyone.

Taiji classes at our Sunday school are taught by Dr. Yongsheng Ma who started teaching the class since 2011. The main forms are Wu Style Taiji form 88 and Taiji Sword form 32. Usually it takes about 12 classes to learn the entire form of the Wu Style Taiji form 88 and it takes about 8 classes for the Taiji Sword form 32.

No special skills are required to join, and physical agility is not important. One of the most basic principles in Taiji is called No-Forcing, which in part requires that you are careful not to over-exert yourself. The atmosphere in the classes is friendly, relaxed and non-competitive. Experienced students are encouraged to help beginners, but this is not compulsory. Physical contact may be involved when student having postures checked by the teacher, but there need be no physical contact with anyone if you prefer it, simply state your preference to the teacher. Part of your task is to overcome the irritation of forgetting, and practice anyway, doing anything you can remember, and on a daily basis.

The teacher can be reached by phone 208 890 1166 or by email mayin85@hotmail.com.