Melvin Mai, Coach

Hi, my name is Melvin Mai. I have been playing soccer for 9 years. Currently I am attending Centennial High School and their soccer team. Once my school soccer season is over, I play for Boise National Soccer Club. I have won 2 state cups and I’m excited about winning our 3rd.

Class Description:

I will have two classes if there are enough students.

Beginner Class (Age 4-8)

  • Basic Passing Technique
  • Basic Trapping and Ball Control
  • Basic Dribbling Technique
  • Learn to communicate with team
  • Simple moves
  • Learn Possession

Intermediate Class (Age 9-12)

  • Passing and Moving off the Ball
  • Finding space and Areas to play the Ball
  • Many dribbling Techniques
  • Ball Control in Different areas of the body
  • Creating plays by working as a Team
  • Fast paced Possession

Melvin Mai
Boise Modern Chinese School Soccer Coach

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Previous soccer class